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Application Conditions

Any legal entity interested in becoming a member  of the Association, if it is registered in a public register and develops regular business activity which in any way deals with oil and oil products, especially storage and transportation of oil and oil products, as well  as extraction, refining and sale of oil and oil products, can become a member of the Association.

The IAOT procedure of accepting new Members/Observers:

  1. Submitting a written Application for membership in the Association
  2. Payment of a non-refundable Admission fee (Member: EUR 50.000; Observer: EUR 20.000) and the annual Membership fee (Member: EUR 30.000; Observer: EUR 12.000). 
  3. Review and discussion of the submitted application by the IAOT Board 
  4. Decision of the IAOT Assembly Members on the acceptance of the applicant as a Member/Observer of the Association

Contribution rules | PDF 274 kB